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Amoudia, a fishing village on the edge of Archerontas river, is not another one of those crowded tourist resorts. The clear blue sea surrounds our bay. The shore is shallow, there are no rocks and urchins in the water.

At the rear of the village is the magnificent mountain from where the Acheron river springs. Scuba diving, water skiing, as well seminars on sailing, and generally everything that is connected with the sea and marine sports, are available.

There are Opportunities for hiking and rides in the surround area, as the place is ideal and there is no need for someone to know exactly the area. Walking, jogging and other sports are offered during the spring and autumn.

For cyclists, the area is ideal. Besides highways, we offer to our guests tours by bicycles of all the degrees of difficulty.

The paratroopers are transported by our buses at the starting area and they transported back from where they fall (Schuttleservice). Anyone who wants to see Greece from above, has come to the right place.

How to come
By plane flying to Corfu, then by boat (about 1 hour) you reach Igoumenitsa, from there we will pick you up from the harbour, or by plane flying to Preveza, where we welcome you directly to the airport or by car up to Trieste, Ancona, Venice or Bari, then by boat to Igoumenitsa, and then it is about 50 minutes up to Amoudia.

Sport and hiking
In spring and autumn, hikings are done in the surrounding valleys and mountains, where there is the possibility of overnight accommodation. From May, we go trips to Amvrakikos Gulf by our boats, where you can see dolphins for sure. Just in front of the house there is a tennis court (with sand), which is utilized only by our visitors.

Diving by our boat, compressor is available. Water skiing and sailing by the sail boat of Vichor, length of 33 feet, ride by the boat of Inselhopping that it can accomodate 6 people, 35 feet.

Pool parties with live music according to your preferences and much more.



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